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Paul Whitehead


Zipper Man by Mr. Paul Whitehead Welcome to my gallery. I've put representative samples of each of my major works in this section of the web site. There are just too many to put all of them on here for now, but I'm planning on adding more later.

The most recent paintings that I've been working are part of the "QUESTIONS?" series — not counting my commercial and licensed work, of course — and I've been working on some SCULPTURES; little statues of Cynthia and some of the other Genesis characters, teapots and other items. I have taken a liking to making SAND MANDALAS, where you literally pour or sift colored sand onto the floor — hopefully somewhere of personal significance — into a delicate pattern or mosaic, which often takes hours! And then someone messes it up when you're done! When I lived in Bali, I made lots of them all over the place! I like the impermanence of it and the meditation makes the overall experience very positive.

We'll be adding new ecommerce options to this web site in the near future, and this section will link to all the new works we'll be making available along with that roll-out. It's going to be exciting, so check back soon and let me know if there's anything in particular that you think I might consider sharing with everyone.


8 DEADLY SINS by Paul Whitehead
8 Deadly Sins - (Gli Otto Peccati Mortali) I do not believe in nor do I endorse the tradition Judeo/Christian concept of sin, that is something whether it be an action or or a mental condition that is un Godly and is therefore deserving of punishment. If that concept were real it would be the ultimate cosmic set up, foisted upon us by our creator, who, having given us our five wonderful senses and an abundant supply of free will and temptation, would then punish us for using them. That, of course, would not be fair . . .    more . . .

QUESTIONS? by Paul Whitehead
A bird looks at a tree and sees a nesting place, a small boy looks at that same tree and sees something to climb, maybe somewhere to hide. One man looks at that same tree and sees a beautiful manifestation of nature in all its glory and another sees the possibility of turning it into FURNITURE. The visual appreciation and the concept generated in our minds by an object, or the depiction of an object, is greatly determined by our social conditioning, our environment and the precepts that we bring to that object. The same is true of a painting.    more . . .

ASTROLOGY by Paul Whitehead
Some years ago, I think it was around 1990, I was in the bar at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood showing my portfolio to the art director of a poster company, suddenly this crazy woman, who was next to us at the bar, turns to me says loudly, “You’re the one!” I tried to remember if I knew her, what had I done? Knocked up her daughter or something?    more . . .

GENESIS by Paul Whitehead
As a visual artist my most fulfilling projects have always been the ones when I get to collaborate with a group of musicians to produce their record or CD cover.    more . . .