Paul Whitehead


Mr. Paul Whitehead I'm Paul Whitehead, most famous for my work on album covers for Genesis, Van der Graaf Generator and others. However, if you explore the site you will find that I have quite a few notable skills other than creating album cover art. I've done some major murals, for example, and one of my works was in the Guiness Book of Records for many years as the largest mural in the world. I painted quite a few billboards a while back, and conceived and organized the Eyes & Ears Billboard Art Show; the first "Drive Though Art Gallery" in - where else - Los Angeles.

I sometimes design corporate, personal or company logos for bands and other companies alongside my other commercial work. I wrote a few screenplays on subjects including stealing the Mona Lisa, the martyrdom of Savonarola and the Christmas Truce in the first year of The First World War. None of these has been made and shown on the big screen yet, but every now and then I get some interest from adventurous investors. I even starred in a short film entitled gurudev, shot on a child's Fisher-Price Pixel 2000 video camera about the journey of a Yogi which was not widely released, but is highly sought-after by those interested in such subject matter.

I also make my own particular brand of music. My interest in science fiction, performance art and classical and progressive music has led to the composition, recording and performance of The Borg Symphony. A current Borg Symphony project includes a 60+ minute movie, which is in the initial production phase and should be available for release some time later this year.